Kursa 2016

Sekojiet līdz kā Kursas jaunieši dalās par viņu nometnes piedzīvojumiem!

My time here at Kursa has been so valuable. In only two weeks it would be no exaggeration to say my knowledge of Latvia has increased one hundred fold. I’ve learned more new songs and dances than I know what to do with! Kursa has so much to teach to anyone who wants to learn.

The sense of community here is absolutely fantastic. Everyone feels like part of one big family. I’m proud to be able to say that Kursa is a place where anyone and everyone belongs. No matter who you are, Kursa will feel like home.

Not only is Kursa a wonderful place of learning and communion, but it is alos what any good summer school should be: fun. From ballītes on Saturdays to dzeju vakari on Thursdays, camp is made interesting through these delightful events. Aside from these special occasions, there are plenty of games and activities every day.

We here at Kursa are blessed with amazing staff, particularly in the kitchen. Every meal has been absolutely delicious; my favorite is skābeņu zupa. In between classes there is often fresh-baked bred left out for us. The chefs work so hard to make sure we all have such great food, I’m so thankful every day.

These two weeks have been some of the most memorable experiences of my life. I have learned things and met people that I don’t ever want to forget. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible for me, and to all of the people who have made Kursa what it is. Kursa will always have a very special place in my heart

-Caleb Beideck

My first week here at Kursa has been a wonderful experience full of fun and learning. During even such a short time, I have already learned so much about the language and culture of Latvia. I’m sure that thanks to the wonderful teachers, I will continue to learn tons more over the rest of my stay.

The staff here are all wonderfully supportive and talented. The food is always absolutely delicious. Every day is a new adventure in my culture. I’m so excited to keep working with my Kursa family.

-Caleb Beideck

Bildē no kreisas: Maija Atvars, Anna Akots, Aleks Brainerd, Krišjānis Lūsis, Caleb Beideck, Erlands Griezītis, Lauren Barlow.