LV Pilsonības Ieguvumi

Dubult Pilsonības-3.png


Aicinam Jums piedalīties ALJA projektā, simts pilsoņi simtgadei! Atrodiet vairāk informāciju

We want you to join ALJA’s project, 100 citizens for Latvia’s 100th. This is our our gift to Latvia for it’s 100th anniversary of independence. As Latvian youth in the USA, our involvement in Latvia’s future is the biggest gift that we can give to our grandparent’s country. Having dual citizenship gives you the chance to educate others about the culture and people of two different countries. Dual citizens may carry two passports and therefore feel reassured that they belong and are welcome in both countries. Some other benefits of dual citizenship include; easier travel and travel discounts in Latvia, access to  memberships or contracts, opportunities to study in Latvia and Europe, work for compensation in Latvia, buy property in Latvia, and open a bank account in Latvia.

If you still don’t have your Latvian citizenship, ALYA can help! Check out for more information.

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